Skips are a familiar sight around the Greater Manchester area. You will often see different skip types in driveways and construction sites, where they serve as indispensable tools for waste management. They facilitate the effective disposal of anything from domestic clutter to industrial waste. In this article, we will navigate the diverse world of skip types and discuss the disposal of electronic waste.

The Different Types And Sizes Of Skips

You might be surprised to know all the number of different skips available to you. While some skip sizes or types may be more common, and therefore more familiar to you, there are many different options available depending on your specific needs. To simplify, we can categorise these into four main types (and according to the selection we currently have at PP O’Connor):

Mini Skips (3 Yards)

These are best suited for garden waste and small home renovation projects. Given their compact size, they fit easily into most driveways and are the most cost-effective option for disposing of household or garden waste. They are a convenient solution for quick weekend clear-outs.


Midi Skips (4 Yards)

These skips are excellent for medium-sized tasks such as larger garden projects or small construction undertakings. With a slightly larger capacity, they can accommodate furniture items or multiple loads of garden waste. They are particularly useful for kitchen or bathroom renovation projects.


Builder Skips (6 Yards and 8 Yards)

Often seen on construction sites, these skips are capable of holding heavy materials like bricks, soil, or rubble. The 8-yard option is frequently utilised for larger residential or commercial renovation tasks due to its additional capacity. Both sizes are ideal for projects that generate a considerable amount of building waste.

6 Yard Skip

Maxi Skips (12 Yards)

These skips are intended for large, commercial projects where the volume of waste generated is considerable. Perfect for industrial-scale waste removal, such as demolition or large-scale construction projects, they can handle a significant amount of bulky materials, from metal and wood to large furnishings. It’s important to note that bricks, rubble, and soil are not allowed in these skips.

12 Yard Skip

Can You Put Electrical Items In Your Skip?

When renting a skip, there are some items you should not put in it if you want to avoid harming the environment and incurring hefty fines. Following new legislation, materials containing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) must be incinerated and cannot be disposed of through traditional methods. This includes many electronics, construction materials, and even some home furnishings. Always check local regulations and consult with accredited waste disposal companies like PP O’Connor to ensure you’re compliant with the latest waste management laws. It is also important to note that placing items that contain POPs in your skip will incur an additional charge of £60 per item. 

Get The Skip You Need At PP O’Connor

Knowing what is available to you when choosing a skip is an important part of the decision-making process. No matter what kind of project you are undertaking, you will be able to find the skip you need at PP O’Connor. We aim to simplify the often daunting task of waste management by providing a comprehensive range of skip sizes and types. 

Make your project a success by hiring a skip tailored to your needs today.