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About 12 Yard Skips

The 12 yard skip is the perfect choice for handling larger projects, whether it’s a home renovation, a sizable garden clearance, or a construction site cleanup. With a generous capacity of approximately 12 cubic yards, which is equivalent to around 100-120 bin bags, these skips provide ample space to accommodate a significant amount of waste, making them ideal for tackling substantial loads. Their substantial dimensions ensure you can dispose of bulky and heavy materials with ease. When ordering a 12 yard skip, rest assured that you’ll have the capacity required to efficiently manage your waste, minimizing the need for multiple trips to the disposal site and saving you time and money. You can easily hire a 12 yard skip online today or explore our full range of skips for even more choices to suit your specific requirements.

12 Yard Skips FAQs

In a 12 yard skip, you can dispose of a wide range of non-hazardous waste materials. This skip size is designed to accommodate substantial amounts of waste, making it suitable for various purposes. Here's what you can put in a 12 yard skip:

1. Large and bulky items of household waste
2. Significant quantities of construction and demolition waste, including rubble and concrete
3. Larger appliances (ensuring they don't contain hazardous components)
4. Heavier and bulkier items of household waste
5. Extensive garden waste, such as grass, leaves, branches, and other green debris
6. The 12 yard skip is commonly used in the trade industry due to its high capacity, earning it the nickname 'maxi skip.'

However, it's essential to remember that hazardous waste items, such as asbestos, chemicals, paint, oils, solvents, electrical appliances, batteries, and other dangerous materials, should not be placed in any skip.
It's important to remember that specific materials cannot be disposed of in a 12 yard skip (or any skip) due to their hazardous nature. These materials include:

1. Fluorescent tubes and sodium lamps
2. Contaminated spills and rags
3. Aerosols
4. Lead acid batteries
5. Paint in original containers
6. Antifreeze and brake fluids
7. Oil and fuel filters
8. Toner/laser cartridges
9. Inkjet cartridges
10. Asbestos
11. Bricks, rubble, and soil

In addition to these items, there are also several other materials that cannot be included in a 12 yard skip, such as:

1. Explosives
2. Tyres
3. Plasterboard
4. Medical waste
5. Mattresses
6. Items that protrude from the top of the skip

Be sure to carefully review the list of prohibited materials before filling your skip to avoid any potential hazards or additional charges.
Skip Dimensions (in ft) are: Height: 6'5". Length: 12'11". Width: 6'5". Approx: 120 bin bag capacity.


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3 Yards Skip

Approx (ft): L: 5’11” W: 4’0” H: 2’11”

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12 Yard Skip
12 Yards Skip

Approx (ft): L: 12’11” W: 6’5” H: 6’5”

(incl. VAT)