When a piece of furniture no longer suits your style or has broken over time, what do you do with it? One study found that almost one in ten Brits throw away unwanted furniture, cushions, and lamps, and this is approximately 69.9 million items a year. While there is nothing wrong with throwing furniture and other household items away, if you want to know how to get rid of unwanted furniture in different ways or perhaps how to do something else with it altogether, read on.

What to do with your unwanted furniture

There are a few things to consider before throwing out old furniture, especially when you look at the latest technology in waste management and how there are other ways to handle unwanted goods. Before you simply throw it away consider:


If the furniture in question can be mended, would you keep it? We live in a world where things are often thrown away rather than fixed but if you aren’t sure you’re done with the item, could you look into repairing it yourself or finding a professional?


Maybe the old chair isn’t quite in the style you go for these days, but could you repurpose it? Upcycling remains popular as it allows you to breathe life into older items of furniture and transform them into something new. A little paint could modernise an old cabinet and that chair could become something amazing with a little reupholstery. There are plenty of professionals in this area too, so if you aren’t crafty but don’t want to throw an old piece of furniture out, you’ll be able to find someone more than happy to bring it back to life.


Whether in good working order or not, you may find there’s a market for your unwanted goods. Online marketplaces and local groups are great places to ask whether your unwanted furniture could be a great buy for someone else.

Recycling and Removing

If you are sure your furniture has no further use for you or anyone else, then recycling is your best option. Most furniture can also be safely put in a skip and will be handled responsibly by a reputable skip hire company. Usually, furniture that is no longer in good working condition is best disposed of safely.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Furniture

Responsible Furniture Disposal

Hiring a skip is an easy and stress-free way of ensuring your unwanted furniture and other household waste are responsibly disposed of. We offer professional skip hire in Greater Manchester services, with a range of skip sizes suitable for a range of household waste, including unwanted and broken furniture.