Every industry is affected by the technological revolution and as more things become digitised, we have to find ways to evolve and continue to offer the same level of service. Waste management technology comes in a wide range of different ways, many of which make processes more sustainable and better for the customer.

The UK generates over 200 million tonnes of waste annually and finding ways to better manage this waste means looking to technological solutions. Reliable skip hire in Manchester and around the UK is vital for ensuring the safe disposal of waste and more waste technology can only be a good thing for the success of the industry. Below is a closer look at some key areas where waste management technology is making a positive difference.

Smart Tracking

Smart tracking systems have been revolutionary for the skip bin sector. These technologies rely upon GPS and other similar systems to track location, skip fill level and the usage of a company’s skip bins in real time. It makes it easier for waste management companies to manage their skips, optimise routes for collection and minimise fuel consumption in the process.

Smart tracking systems can also benefit customers as they can be programmed to notify customers once their skip has reached its fill level, and no more waste can be thrown in. This minimises the chance of additional charges for an overfull skip.

Telematics and Fleet Management

Implementing telematics helps to make waste management eco-friendlier and more efficient. Telematics systems provide data on vehicle locations, routes and fuel consumption in real-time. This allows organisations to better manage operations and plot the most efficient routes to keep their customers satisfied.

Waste Management Technology -Telematics and Fleet Management

Solar-powered technologies

A truly powerful and sustainable option for some waste businesses is investing in solar-powered plant, such as compactors. Compactors crush the waste, so it takes up less space and utilising solar power means minimising energy use from the grid.

Customer portals and smart apps

A well-designed customer portal can be the difference between a one-off and a repeat customer. Businesses should do all they can to give their customers a positive experience and with a technologically advanced booking system, equipped with notifications about skip delivery, filling and more, customers will be happy to return.

A user-friendly tool for customers can incorporate a range of elements including essential delivery and pick-up features to handy content such as guides to the right skip size and what can and can’t be put into a skip.

Investing in the latest waste management technology allows organisations to remain at the top of their game and the right technologies will not only help the business run more smoothly, they’ll exceed customer expectations too.