When you hire a skip, chances are you quickly find you’ve got much more to get rid of than you thought. Many of the items you could be thinking about putting in your skip may be able to be used in other ways, getting creative and having some fun with items you no longer use is a great way to recycle, especially if you’ve got a family and want to get the kids involved. Fun recycling ideas can help raise awareness of the importance of reusing and getting the most out of items before they’re thrown away. However, a good skip hire company will also ensure that items are properly recycled where necessary too.

Let’s look at what you can do with items you may be thinking of throwing in your skip.

Glass and Jars

Glass is easy to recycle from home, as long as you’re careful, and with so many regular household items made from glass, you may find you have a lot to dispose of. If you’d rather minimise the waste that leaves your home, look at how you can reuse your glass jars and bottles. A cleaned-out glass jar makes a great desk organiser, for example, or you could store them so they can be reused if you make your gifts such as jams or cakes in jars or even as sweetie jars. Different shapes and sizes of glass jars and bottles can also look great as vases, for holding candles and incorporating them as part of your home décor.

Recycle Jars

Clothes, Towels and Bedding

If you’re having a spring cleaning session then you might decide it’s time to dig out all the old clothes and finally get rid. If you’re committed to more eco-friendly and sustainable living, then your old clothes and towels can be cut up to clean rags for the home and car. If anyone in the household is particularly crafty you might consider repurposing some of the old bedding or clothing and turning it into something new, whether that’s a new outfit, simple patches for bags and jeans, or gifts like cushion covers.

Recycle Clothes

Paper Waste

Some big clear-outs involve uncovering mountains of old magazines, papers, and more. While they may not have much use, they can still be fun to play with, especially for younger family members. Old magazines are packed with fun, nostalgic adverts, images, and more which the kids can cut out and turn into collages and mood boards. Keeping hold of a pile of old magazines can be a great way of keeping them out of mischief on rainy weekends and it’ll save you some space in the skip too.

Carry out that Clear Out with Professional Skip Hire

Hiring a skip may be the first step in beginning that big clear-out and once you start loading it up, you’re bound to find plenty of recycling opportunities along the way. Contact us today to arrange the right-sized skip for your needs.