Broken glass is dangerous and not something you want to keep around the home. Most glass can be easily recycled, and it is one of the most recycled materials in the world as it can easily be ground down and reused for other purposes. However, if you have glass waste to deal with, you may be wondering the best way to get rid of this glass.

Opting for skip hire is a great way to handle large volumes of waste at your home or your business but when it comes to glass, can this go into your skip too?

Can glass be put into a skip?

If you’re considering skip hire and you’ve got a volume of glass to deal with, you’ll want to know whether you can use your skip for this purpose and the answer is yes. Glass can be put into a skip, but you should be careful and take precautions when doing so. Broken glass poses a serious safety risk and you do not want to be responsible for causing injuries with your waste. These quick tips should help you to ensure that you’re disposing of your glass safely in your skip:

1.   Wrap and contain smaller shards

If you have small or broken pieces of glass, then wrap them up before placing them in a container so you can safely place the container in the skip. You can also clearly label this container so anyone handling the waste will be mindful and not risk injuring themselves.

2.   Tape up weakened sheet glass

If you want to dispose of sheets of glass with cracks then be sure to tape them up so the sheet’s integrity is maintained. This minimises the risk of the sheet shattering and causing injury. Taping over and around the crack will help to stabilise the sheet.

3.   Secure larger shards to avoid injuries

If you have larger shards of glass then you can secure them to cardboard and tape up the ends, this cuts down the risk of them cutting anybody or causing any kind of puncture injury.

Being mindful of how you dispose of glass in your skips helps to ensure it doesn’t become a dangerous hazard.

How to recycle broken glass?

If you put glass in your skip then it will be recycled responsibly. Different kinds of glass need to be treated differently, as any other components such as metal or materials need to be removed from glass before it can be recycled. Some glass may contain hazardous chemicals including POP waste so it is important that this is removed before recycling.

Glass is separated by colour in a recycling plant and then washed and cleaned before it is crushed, ground, and melted so it can be put back into the manufacturing process and used to create more glass products.

Care is vital when disposing of broken glass. You can safely dispose of glass in your skip and have peace of mind that it will be handled responsibly. Remember to take care when disposing of broken glass and consider the safety of others when putting it in the skip.