Deciding on a skip to deal with household waste, a big project or something specific like an end-of-tenancy clearance is a great idea. Skip hire is quick and easy to arrange and allows you instant access to a huge waste disposal solution that can make your project much easier to manage. If you’re choosing a skip for the first time you may not know which size is best and the range of skip sizes can also be difficult to understand if you’re not sure. Let’s look in more detail and clear a few things up.

How are skips measured?

When you look at skip hire sizes, you’ll see they’re not necessarily in measurements you instantly recognise. Skips are measured in cubic yards and standard sizes begin at 2-3 yards and go as large as 35 yards. The larger skips are usually reserved for commercial projects and understanding the smaller skip sizes will help you make the best decision for your needs.

Choosing the right skip size

There is a wide range of different skips available, and we offer a range of sizes to suit different projects. When you come to us for a skip you can choose between:

3 Yard or Mini Skips

Our Mini Skips measure 3 cubic yards in size and are the best choice for small home and garden projects. They are the smallest size we offer and usually fit onto any driveway with ease. They can be the most cost-effective option for getting rid of household or garden waste and a great choice if you’re having a clear-out and want all of the waste quickly dealt with.

4 Yard or Midi Skips

Our Midi Skips measure 4 cubic yards and might be your best choice for a larger home or garden project. You may also spot them for smaller construction jobs. They have a slightly larger capacity than our minis and can be good for large amounts of garden waste or refitting a bathroom or kitchen.

6-8 Yard or Builder Skips

As the name suggests, our 6 and 8-cubic-yard skips are usually used by builders on construction sites. They can hold large amounts of heavy materials such as rubble and soil, ideal for construction waste. The skips are ideal for commercial or residential renovation projects on a larger scale as waste can build up very quickly.

12 Yard or Maxi Skips

These skips are designed for large commercial projects that produce a substantial amount of waste. Ideal for industrial-scale waste removal, such as demolition or large construction projects, they can accommodate a significant volume of bulky materials, including metal, wood, and large furnishings.

With a great range of skip sizes, you can find what you need for your project easily. If you’re wondering ‘Do you offer skip hire near my location’ you can check this out too.