When you’ve got rubbish piling up and need to get rid of it, finding someone else to do it for you is usually your first port of call. It might be possible to transport some rubbish to the tip yourself but once it starts getting bulky, you’re better off looking to skip hire or an alternative removal service. Then comes the question of cost, how much should you be spending on rubbish removal? We’re exploring this in more depth below.

What is the average cost of rubbish removal?

The average cost of rubbish removal varies, and different sources report different figures. Looking at the latest information from Checkatrade, they suggest that the average cost for skip hire is £270 and the average cost for a rubbish removal specialist is £335. These prices are influenced by a range of factors, and you should always get an individual quote for any service you need. The main factors which influence the cost of rubbish removal services include:

·         Location: usually the further away you get from London, the cheaper prices become. If you are googling ‘cost of skip hire near my location’ you’ll probably get varied results, but it is usually the case that prices are cheaper as you travel north.

·         Operating costs: running a business can get expensive and some of these costs will influence your price as businesses have to account for staff, insurance, haulage, vehicle costs and other business expenses.

·         Permits: rubbish removal companies require certain permits to transfer and sort waste and also waste carriers’ licences to transport and collect. These come at a cost too.

Skip hire or man with a van?

Most people considering a service for their waste removal will look to hire a skip or use a man with a van service where they come and collect and dispose of your waste but which is best for you?

Man and van waste removal

Man and van waste removal services can be a quick and effective solution, with no need for roadside permits or keeping a skip on your premises. However, they are limited to what can be put in a single van and you may find the costs stack up if multiple trips are required. It can be useful if a skip simply isn’t practical.

Skip hire

The vast range of skip hire sizes and our flexibility with what we can provide our customers with means it’s a natural choice for efficient rubbish removal. Most skips are hired out for a set period, giving you time to clear your waste and then it’s all taken away in one go and no longer your problem. Our full range of skips allows you to find an option which suits your budget.

Rubbish removal costs vary depending on a range of factors, but we always strive to offer the most competitive and fair prices for our customers. Get in touch to get your quote today.

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