Anyone who works in construction knows just how much waste is produced. Managing this waste is a critical element of any project as you cannot allow huge amounts of rubbish to build up with nowhere to go. There are many different methods for managing waste generated on construction sites, and one of the most convenient is of course skip hire. Providing the skip hire Manchester and the surrounding area needs is our job and we can ensure your construction project waste is properly taken care of too.

Why do we use skips in construction?

Using skips in construction ensures orderly management and containment of any waste your project causes. There are alternative methods for managing waste, but they are much less efficient and convenient. The main reasons we recommend using skips for construction projects include:

For Convenience

Skip hire could not be more convenient. Once you select the right-sized skips for your project, you can simply load them up with all the waste that accumulates as you go. You should check to be sure all items are safe to be put in your skip but generally, it can include everything from rubble to soil to general waste. You can avoid multiple landfill trips which can be time-consuming and handle all your waste on-site.

For Cost Reasons

Save the cost of fuel and multiple trips to the landfill by hiring a skip to manage your construction waste. The cost of hiring a skip is also much more affordable than the cost of hiring the vehicles you may need to transport large amounts of waste to the landfill.

For A Safer Site

Managing waste on your construction site can be hazardous and leaving waste on the ground can be dangerous and pose a risk to workers. Hiring a skip ensures you have a specific place where the waste is safely contained. It also minimises the need to excessively handle waste, moving it from one location to another, for disposal. Professional skip hire companies also ensure your waste is appropriately disposed of in a safe manner.

For The Environment

Skip hire is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to manage construction waste. Professional skip hire companies must follow strict regulations and will dispose of your waste safely and legally. This includes minimising its impact on the environment and recycling where possible.

Skip Hire for Your Next Construction Project

There are a range of skips available in different sizes to suit different projects. Most construction projects will require at least 12 yard skips to handle the volume of waste produced, but every project is different. Get in touch with our team to discuss your project and we can advise on the best skips for your needs.