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About Hiring A Skip In Swinton

For skip hire in Swinton, look no further. Located to the west of Manchester, Swinton is celebrated for its suburban appeal and bustling local attractions. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to streamline your living space or a business owner initiating a renovation project, our wide array of skips is meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs. Our skip hire services in Swinton cater to both residential and commercial waste, providing a seamless solution for your disposal requirements. From minor garden clean-ups to extensive construction endeavors, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing to hire a skip in Swinton from P. P. O’Connor offers you flexible options tailored to suit the unique demands of your project. We understand the diverse waste management needs associated with different tasks. Therefore, our comprehensive range of skip sizes ensures that you only pay for the capacity you truly require – whether it’s a compact skip for a brief garden tidy-up or a larger unit for ongoing building projects.


Pricing will depend on the size of the skip and the period of time you want to use it for. Additional charges may be incurred for adding prohibited materials (including POPS and mattresses).

The pricing structure is as follows:
- Standard Skip Costs: Ranging from £200 for a 3-yard skip to £325 for a 12-yard skip.
- Extended Use (Additional Weeks): £12 per week.
- Mattress Disposal: £12 for a single mattress, £24 for a double mattress.
- POPS (Persistent Organic Pollutants): £72 for one item, £144 for two items, and £261 for three items.
The amount of waste you can put in a single skip will depend on the size of the skip. Below is a short guide on how much waste each skip can hold. Please note that these are only rough estimates, and the actual capacity may vary depending on the density and type of material you intend to dispose of.
- 3 yard skip: 25 - 35 bin bags
- 4 yard skip: 30 - 40 bin bags
- 6 yard skip: 50 - 60 bin bags
- 8 yard skip: 60 - 75 bin bags
- 12 yard skip: 100 - 120 bin bags
Determining the right skip size depends on the volume and type of waste you intend to dispose of. A 3-yard skip, for instance, can hold 25-35 bin bags, making it ideal for small home projects. Conversely, a 12-yard skip, accommodating up to 120 bin bags, is better suited for large-scale renovations or commercial clean-outs. Before hiring, consult our skip size guide or speak with our customer service team to get tailored advice, ensuring you get the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution.
We offer a variety of different skip sizes, each suitable for a range of waste disposal needs, from small home clean-ups to extensive commercial projects. Below is a list of the sizes we currently offer, along with their approximate dimensions:
- 3 yard skip: L: 5'11"" W: 4'0"" H: 2'11""
- 4 yard skip: L: 6'11"" W: 4'11"" H: 2'11""
- 6 yard skip: L: 10'0"" W: 4'11"" H: 4'0""
- 8 yard skip: L: 12'0"" W: 6'0"" H: 4'5""
- 12 yard skip: L: 12'11"" W: 6'5"" H: 6'5""


This is what our customers have to say about our work.

PP O’Connor exceeded my expectations. My friend recommended your services to me and I was apprehensive at first, as I had a long-time relationship with a different company, but I’m glad I made the switch

Grace Turner

I liked working with them. They were able to both deliver and pick up the skip on time. Just the kind of efficiency I would expect from a business that has been operating in my home town for decades.

Dave Harris

I was very impressed with your service. You handled nearly every aspect of my request and I did not have to follow up several times to find out when it would be done.

Henry Thompson


3 Yards Skip

Approx (ft): L: 5’11” W: 4’0” H: 2’11”

(incl. VAT)
4 Yards Skip

Approx (ft): L: 6’11” W: 4’11” H: 2’11”

(incl. VAT)
6 Yard Skip
6 Yards Skip

Approx (ft): L: 10’0” W: 4’11” H: 4’0”

(incl. VAT)
8 Yard Skip
8 Yards Skip

Approx (ft): L: 12’0” W: 6’0” H: 4’5”

(incl. VAT)
12 Yard Skip
12 Yards Skip

Approx (ft): L: 12’11” W: 6’5” H: 6’5”

(incl. VAT)