We’ve all seen mattresses left abandoned at the side of the road or dumped at the side of a skip, but neither of these are sensible or safe ways to get rid of an old mattress. Both also may be considered fly tipping, which is illegal in most areas and can result in hefty fines and penalties. Here we’re exploring when to get rid of your mattress and how to dispose of it responsibly.

When should I get rid of my mattress?

The Sleep Council recommends getting a new mattress every 7 to 8 years or if you experience:

  • Unexpected or loud noises from the mattress
  • Exacerbated allergies or asthma
  • Interference with your sleep due to your mattress
  • Droops on / damage to the mattress

Replacing your mattress means you need to sensibly dispose of the old one and there are many ways you can do this.

Can you put a mattress in your skip?

Most skip hire services do not allow mattresses to be placed in their skips. This is why you often see mattresses left alongside skips as they cannot be collected by the hire company. Some skip hire companies will offer mattress disposal so you can always ask if they can provide this additional service. Always check what is allowed to go in your skip before filling it up.

How can I dispose of my old mattress?

There are a few common ways you can get rid of an old mattress, including:

1.  Recycling

Recycling furniture, including mattresses, should be straightforward at your local recycling centre. They should be able to dismantle the mattress and recycle the parts. You can contact your local council recycling centre on how to dispose of the mattress – they may also offer a bulky item collection service at a charge.

2.  Donation

If the mattress is in good condition and you’re not replacing it because it is worn out, consider donating it. Some local charities and shelters will be happy to receive mattress donations and they will often collect the item from you too.

3.      Repurposing

The more creative of you may want to see what else you can do with an old mattress and repurpose it in the home. If you’re crafty, you could even create new household items such as cushions from the mattress fluff or garden trellises from the springs.

Dispose of Old Mattresses Safely

No one wants to see an abandoned mattress on their street corner, so being responsible and ensuring it is taken away safely and legally is your responsibility. As a skip hire service Manchester, we can also advise on other disposal and waste management issues. 

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